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Jakarta 's Day

Happy Birthday, Jakarta city!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie 
-- The 3rd President of Republic of Indonesia (Tenure: May 21, 1998 - October 20, 1999)
dramatized by: Reza Rahardian & Bunga Citra Lestari

AIESEC Testimonial

Name :
Yoan Natalia (2009)

Destination country :
1. Taiwan (Summer 2012 - July 13th - August 31st, 2012)

2. South Korea (Winter 2013 - January 14th - February 23rd, 2013)

AIESECer : Yoan, please give us your ‘limitless’ answer for these questions! ;)

1.     What experience did you get from AIESEC’s Exchange Program?

Joining Biking Taiwan Wanderer Project was such a great decision for me. Even though tired and exhausted were always spoken by 11 people from 6 distinct countries along the biking days, I never regret undertaking Biking Taiwan Wanderer Project as my first AIESEC exchange experience. Struggled a lot for about 1000 km biking around Taiwan Island. “Never give up!” were our team’s motto. I loved being there (for approximately 50 days), aside from the tasty Taiwan food and yummy original bubble tea, I was also impressed by the Taiwanese’s warm hospitality as well.

Eric Chu (Canada) - Hanah Jang (Hong Kong) - Kai Yu (Malaysia) - Yoan Natalia (Indonesia) - Park On You (South Korea)

South Korea
Never been in the winter season country made me extremely excited and overjoyed to be in South Korea for about 6 weeks. To be honest, it was my unforgettable experience to touch, to take hold of, to taste, and to ingest snowflakes for the first time (.. for the sake of fulfilling my "kiddy" obsession)
Besides, undertaking the ACTIVE Project was so interesting yet challenging experience I guess. Language barrier and knowledge gap along lecturing business (esp. product planning) were the most challenges that I faced. Day by day, I was really proud of them, hey Korean high school students! They explored their own unique business plans and they made it so great. Wishing you the best, pupils! I enjoyed so much each moment happened in South Korea indeed.
For me, Taiwan and South Korea AIESEC Exchange Experiences were fantastic! What a remarkable experience!

2.     What positive changes or impacts do you experience after the exchange?
My honest confession could be stated that my language skills, communication skills, interpersonal skill, adaptation skills , and other self-development skills were gained a lot.

As my main purpose joining AIESEC, I aimed to enhance my knowledge and networking skills globally through my own exchange and explore experiences as well as to encourage my self-development skills to adapt with the totally new environment and culture diversity.

3.     Any shout out to make others join this exchange program as well? ;)
For me, AIESEC Exchange Programs were such extraordinary experiences that I never had before. Taiwan and South Korea have been acknowledged as my wonderful learning and unforgettable life exploring moments ever.
Good friends great pleasure!  

Hey, what are you waiting for? Have it your own, fellows!

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ROCKS! (left-right): Albert - Ricky - Herin - Yoan - Rizki - Randy - Aldo
Bali Island, April 14th 2013
Rafting team #1
Rafting team #2