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January 23rd, 2012
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2012 Feng Shui Horoscope Update for Horse

2012 Feng Shui Horoscope Update for Horse
The lunar years of the Horse are 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. Individuals born in these years are often very popular and admired among those around them, and display the tendencies to be agile, intelligent, friendly, perseverant, and well-liked. You are sexually appealing, charming and good talker. You are hardworking and loyal. However, there are many negative traits that come with the Horse Zodiac, some of these being selfishness, rudeness, negative cleverness, moody and a very high ego. Although the Horse is a well respected Zodiac sign, when these traits are displayed that effect is diminished. The suggested professions for those born in the years of the horse are scientist, explorer, politician or poet.

The horse is in full direct conflict with the Three killings. The dreadful Three Killings or “San Sha” – a combination of three “Sha” namely the Year Sha, Robbery Sha and Disaster Sha. Impediments that set you back may be caused by the Year Sha; financial losses may be due to Robbery Sha and frequent accidents and mishaps could be because of the Disaster Sha. Feng Shui cures are Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the South sector and carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain . If you manage to safeguard yourself from the Three Killings, the year of 2012 is going to be very productive and exciting for you because the Victory star is in your chart.

Success will come, especially in competitive situations. You will earn admiration and respect from colleagues and friends for your strings of victories and achievement. Your networking will grow and your foundation will be strengthened further to attract abundance for the future. You will emerge thriumphant in most occassions. Having said that, this is not a good year to start anything with high risk especially financially. Better to keep doing work you are familiar with. Those who are young and just starting out in working life should curb impulsive decision. Do not get ahead of yourself or you might at the same time attract envious eyes. The Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil-Eye Keychain or Evil Eye with Om Mani Padme Hum Keychain is just perfect for you this year. Place a Victory Banner or Black Victory Horse for Ultimate Success in the South sector.

Relationship wise, it's going to be a very unstable year. You might seem unreasonable to others. It's better to simplify your life and embrace whatever is your situation this year. No need for painstaking analysis of life situations in matters for love relationships. Try pairing up with your ally, the Tiger, as this is excellent feng shui for you and will make a big difference to you luck in 2012.

Your zodiac allies are the Tiger and Dog while your horoscope secret friend is Sheep. Your horoscope allies are friends whom you are connected and enjoy their company. A secret friend is someone you can always depend on, and will stand by you during tough times.
Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Tiger, Horse & Dog is a must-have good luck charm for Snake people.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Random: Marketing Theory

Customer Relationship Management

True Customer Relationship Management requires a firm understanding of all aspects of the customer's relationship with your organization - and segmentation is a great foundation for that understanding. Typical database marketing segments address issues which are directly available or may be inferred from information contained in customer databases. For example, database segmentation solutions often address: Who is you customer, What customers buy from you. When they make their purchases, How often they make their purchases, The value they create for you.
However, in order to fully understand the customer - their behaviors and motivations - we must also understand aspects of the relationship that are not readily available within the database - customer attitudes. These include:  How customers think about you and the competition, Why customers purchase from you, and Why customers purchase from the competition.

Attitudinal Segmentation

The new truth I am referring to is the truth of the segmentation by attitude. Attitudinal segmentation, if you please! We have segmented our consumers for long on the basis of the traditional parameters that have lasted a lifetime. Men think different from the women? Yes. In the old days. There are huge islands of each in the other. And that is a truth.
Young people in the age group of 14-34 think very differently from those in the 35-50 age group? Yes. Again in the old days of mass-customer typification. People in rural areas react differently to a marketing stimulus. Differently than those modern blokes living in our metropolises? Yes. Again in the very old days of our marketing infancy. Just look around and view with seriousness the tools we still use of mass-market segmentation for our brands of tampons and toothpaste alike. How do we still define our target-group? Urban, educated, female, aged between 14-25?

The case for attitudinal segmentation I make speaks of a truth as it is emerging in the Indian marketplace. People cannot be clubbed into artificial categories anymore. People are people. Diverse, exposed to the same media stimulus all over, well-connected to the world at large! The consumer today is less of a carefully cultivated mass being. He is more diverse. She has an attitude. And most of the time, it is all her own. Not governed by the geographical territory she occupies, not dictated by the age-bracket she finds herself born into, and certainly not dictated by the constraints of her income. Attitude is attitude. Attitude resides in diverse locations. Across clusters of apparently similar looking and feeling consumers. Yes, this very same attitude of Gowramma in remote Gajanur resides possibly in a Mrs Sarah Pillai in Tiruvananthapuram, in Mr Cyrus Topiwala residing in Colaba, and possibly even in a Ruth Robinson in far away Monte Carlo! And this is a target-segment. A positioning possibility as well!