Friday, 10 September 2010

"one shape is enough" birthday card

Hello! Have you seen the "one shape is enough" birthday card before? hihi. This unique card was accidentally related one-to-another. Initially, I really didn't have any idea about something cute or unique shape to make a birthday card. But, what I want was just wanna try to make something, which was my-originally-handmade. So, without wasting too much time, I just cut the pink paper that I had and made it become a "love" shape, and after that, I repeated it once more to make a "love" shape inside. So, if you open it, you will find a small- cute heart inside the big- unique heart. And yaa.. that's it. Only that simple kind of mine. But, (opened- closed- rotated- slided- left- right- up- and down-) HEY! I found something, the brilliant shape! So, follow me and check it out!






Guess what?! Did you recognize that the united of the 5 shapes above, was kinda girl's name? hihi. Have you found it? Haha, let me clarify.
V - A - N - I - A
Wohooo! I really overjoyed at the sudden! And finally, I give this kinda thing's name as "one shape is enough" birthday card. It's soooo cuteee, isn't it? hihihi.

.:. August 21st, 2010 .:.
Happy Nineteenth Birthday, Vania Sutanto! Wishing you a happy-jolly life. Best and great wishes for you. And also, hope you like those and them (white, chocolate, pink, purple, and grey) hihi hihi :B