Thursday, 16 August 2012

I call it as an "Unique Day"

Day 13 - August 8th 2012 was the second night-biking from Fuli to Taitung -after the first late-night-riding from to Fuli- Actually, I memorised it as an “unique day” indeed. Why? Fine, 3 reasons will be explained below :')

After took a bit longer time discussing about our distinct ideas at Seven-Eleven, at last we decided to be separated into 2 groups for a day and gathered at the next day (Kenting at August 9th night). This day was the only day which our team separately ended at the different final destination due to distinct purposes.

At night, we attended the 2012 Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival and combined with the Aboriginal Culture, Aboriginal food and beverages. Honestly, I haven’t attended such kind of Balloon Carnival before. Too good to be true, those were amazing for me. 
Park On You and Yoan at the 2012 Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festival
After enjoying the Balloon Carnival, we still had to reach Taitung, as our final destination. So, we cheered ourselves up on our night-biking (for about 20 km). 1.. 2.. 3.. GO! 25% had been passed and suddenly Peggy experienced her ‘flat tyre’, so we stopped for a while to hold a ‘tyre surgery’ by David as the doctor and Rahul as the nurse (“So Ladies, if you want to know how to change the tyre by yourself, pay attention at these steps! … this is my first ‘tyre surgery’ anyway,” David admited. Haha..)
After several kilometres of very-dark-highways, a bit uphill and downhill that we’ve been through, there was a speed-decreasing-car went into in front of our biking line as if led us patiently (balanced the car speed as slow as a bike speed). Until at a traffic light nearby, a-smiling-face-Uncle got-off from his car, asked several queries, and explained about his experiences biking around Taiwan 30 years ago, and that was the reason why he willingly drove patiently, protected us against darkness along the highway, and accompanied us until we arrived safely at the exact destination.
Warmhearted Uncle with the Biking Team at the Taitung Train Station :')
Mercifully, the existence and kindness of a warmhearted Taiwanese Uncle while we were night-biking was become the most important-yet-touching part of what I call “Unique Day”.
Thank you very much, Uncle.

August 8th (08.08) - Happy Fathers Day \(´▽`)/