Saturday, 19 January 2013

South Korea: Winter Vacation

Week 1.
# Day 0
THANKS ♥ Thyra - Randy - Erina - Handoyo - Yoan - Aldo - Nofi - Ricky
# Day 1
Yoan & Arissa -- Gwanghwa-mun, Seoul
Marinated Chicken Bulgogi
# Day 2
Seoul Museum of Art

Beef and Pork Barbeque Dinner at Gangnam, Seoul
(new) K-Pop Star *wink ;)
# Day 4

.. extremely cold. -13 degrees.
Rabbit on the Moon: Soup of the day -- Insa-dong

Kwon Se Im - Yoan Natalia - Arissa Wihardja - Lee Beom Jin

# Day 5
Sookmyung Women University, Seoul
Yoan Natalia and Park On You ♥
Week 2.
Gangnam- Jeju Black Pork: 1st meeting with the new Chinese friends ♥
1st Spa & Sauna (jim jjil bang) experience at Dragon Hill
Dragon Hill Spa at the Yongsan Station nearby
... when Indnoesian - Chinese - and Korean are united ♥
Korean Waffle (headed to Onyou's house)
1st Korean Mega Box Movie experience

Chinese and Korean
Chinese friends Farewell Drink ♥

1st Meeting Result
1st Project Rehearsal

Korean Traditional Dinner
Hongdae Night Market View
Twosome Studio, Hongdae -- Yoan Natalia - Arissa Wihardja - Filatova Valentina - Adissa Nadia
Week 3.
ACTIVE WInter Project was officially started - February 2nd
My Life Road
Vision Life Road
Jung Do Yun - the most charming student
The funniest and most expressive students 

Heavy snow in Seoul
Week 4.

Seoul's most SNOWY day along 40 days

Behind the scene.
Dear ♥